Brad Tober /
Experimental Interface Lab

  1. Colorigins

    A color mixing and matching game for the Sifteo Cubes tangible computing platform

  2. Design by Tweet

    A tool enabling collaborative, Processing-inspired creative coding via Twitter

  3. Approaches to design pedagogy

    Publications, presentations, and more

  4. Sign My Book

    A multimodal system for mediating collaborative semiotic authorship

  5. (de)generative x

    A temporal typographic framework

  6. Skydive / Le Antichità Romane

    A prototype data visualization tool for mapping cross references within data sets

  7. UIUC BFA Exhibitions

    A series of commemorative and promotional materials for the annual BFA Exhibition at UIUC

  8. Teaching designers to code

    Publications, presentations, and more

  9. Game Building Blocks

    A set of basic game component code examples for Processing

  10. Design practice and research

    Topical publications and presentations

  11. Gwigglerbooth

    An interactive, experiential, and real-time social media form creation tool

  12. Mandala Browser

    A rich prospect browsing concept that allows users to visually explore a data set using multiple criteria

  13. Clouds

    An explorative visual exercise in developing processes of control

  14. Cinematic visualizations

    An inquiry into the translation of scenes from cinematic works into an alternative format

  15. Mapping musical identity

    A visualization of interpersonal, spatial, and temporal relationships within a music library

  16. Minimalist patterning

    A set of investigations into algorithmic structures developed through an analysis of minimalist paintings

  17. Notation translation

    An exploration of a system for visually representing music

  18. Health care costs

    An information visualization that compares and contrasts the health care expenditures of and life expectancies in a number of countries